2017 Community Renewable Energy Project Award WINNERS

‘The most commendable sustainable electricity generation project undertaken by a community group across Wales and England.’

Wales’ first community owned solar farm raised £905,640 through its first community share offer…


Local energy tariff now available!!!

The solar park generates enough clean electricity to power over 300 houses.

All our profits will be used for regenerating the local area by supporting land-based livelihoods, and building education and skills in order to make our rural economy more environmentally sensitive and stronger.

Investors in Gower Regeneration Ltd become a co-owners of our enterprise, with equal say in how we are run.

This isn’t just a better place to put money than in a bank that pays no or little interest…

It is a way of brightening the future.

Our Journey

Having carefully nurtured the project from concept since 2014, we secured a £1m loan from Welsh Government to build the solar farm by the end of March 2017.

With a proven track record of putting assets into community ownership, we have now raised £905,640 to put the operational solar far into community ownership!

Projecting a 5% annual interest payment, and a forecast surplus of over £500k to support other social enterprises in the local area, our members are looking forward to this fantastic journey.

You can now register for buying electricity from this solar farm!


Our directors have expertise in business management and careers delivering social and environmental justice.

Roy Church


Ant Flanagan


Helen Grey


Chris Small


Ruth Evans


Our Story

A location with a unique geology and topography; a fascinating history; and a strong sense that we need to work collaboratively to take on some of the most serious challenges of our age.

What started as a partnership between Gower Power Co-op CIC and Gower Heritage Centre opened for public investment.

Over 450 investors have taken the opportunity to take part in leading the way locally, for others to follow globally.

You can become 1 of 300 local customers buying the electricity from this solar farm – Register interest

Partners, Suppliers & Funders

Our partners, suppliers and funders have been carefully chosen for their expertise and ability to deliver the goods on time.

 With a diverse understanding of all things relevant to this project whether technical, legal, financial or a social focus; together with them, we are delivering one of the most innovative renewable energy projects in the UK: WALES’ FIRST COMMUNITY OWNED SOLAR FARM.

We have many people and organisations to thank for where we have got to so far, all striving for the common goal of making this project happen…

Now it is time to reap the rewards.


Our Social Impact

Our Route to Impact plan outlined below shows how the things we plan to do will achieve the changes we want to see.

It helps explain the purpose behind what we’re doing, so that we continue to work in the right way, with the wider goals in mind.


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