25th April 2017 Gower Regeneration Ltd

SCEES investor – Stuart

Stuart, a semi-retired chartered accountant, has a diverse investment portfolio including a wide range of listed companies in the UK and overseas and also some non-listed small, private companies.  He explains why he invested £10,000 in SCEES***.

“Initially my interest lay in the fact that I knew some of the individuals involved in the scheme, and I wanted to support the work they were doing.  But also, it looked like a safe investment with a pretty good return. 

“I do like this sort of project where everyone’s a winner.  The schools, or whoever is having the panels installed, avoid huge bills with no capital expenditure, so they’re winners.  The environment’s a winner.  The surplus goes to local projects so the local community’s a winner, and the investors get paid a decent return.  All from sunshine!

“An investment like this isn’t short term and you shouldn’t be looking to have the initial capital back any time soon.  You can’t put in your “rainy day money”, it has to be money that you can afford to invest for a decent period of time … but the project itself benefits the local community as well as you getting a return.   Really, there isn’t much to not like about it.”

***Just before we launched the Gower Regeneration share offer, we spoke to a few investors in the last share offer Gower Power co-ordinated, Swansea Community Energy & Enterprise Scheme (SCEES). The £425 SCEES share offer had to close early as it was oversubscribed by £40k.

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