20th April 2017 Gower Regeneration Ltd

SCEES investors – Phill & Carol

Phill, a Director, Consultant and Trainer for a co-operative social enterprise specialising in participation and Carol, a teacher of languages, yoga, mindfulness and community singing, invested £2000 in SCEES***. Phill explains a little about the organisation he set up – along with Carol and others – over 20 years ago, and why he and Carol chose this investment opportunity.

“We work with young people – particularly those who are disadvantaged; those stuck with the rough end of the stick – and people who work with them.  The importance of consultation, equalities and people taking ownership of processes that affect them is core to our work. 

“I inherited some money that wasn’t desperately needed for anything urgent; we were getting by day-to-day and I wanted to put it into something that was more transparently ethical than other investment opportunities on offer.  It’s local – I know where it’s going.  I know the Directors of the company very well, we worked together for years.

“All investments have an element of risk.  But the level of risk of investing in safer energy seems to be lower than the risk of not doing.  The more individuals take responsibility to invest in safe energy, the more likely we are to not be seen as living in the Age of Stupid.”

***Just before we launched the Gower Regeneration share offer, we spoke to a few investors in the last share offer Gower Power co-ordinated, Swansea Community Energy & Enterprise Scheme (SCEES). The £425 SCEES share offer had to close early as it was oversubscribed by £40k.

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